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Acqui Terme and its treasures, discovering the Cathedral

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The objective of the Lions Club Acqui Terme Host is to enhance and promote the historical and artistic heritage of the Cathedral of Acqui Terme through the creation of a multilingual audio-guided tour.

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Points of interest:

Point of interest 1

The Cathedral: history and architecture

Point of interest 2

The main portal and side entrances

Point of interest 3

The interior, the chapels of the right aisle and the pulpit

Point of interest 4

The Crypt

Point of interest 5

The Cloister

Point of interest 6

The right transept, the apsidal right chapel and the sacristy.

Point of interest 7

The Triptych of the Virgin of Montserrat of Bartolomé Bermejo.

Point of interest 8

The central apse with the main altar and dome.

Point of interest 9

The left aisle apse chapel, the left transept and the chapels of the left nave.

Information for the visit

The Cathedral is located in Piazza Duomo, Via Barone in Acqui Terme.
For times and information please refer to the appropriate page.